Crown® Handi-Strip® All-Purpose Liquid Stripper
Crown® Handi-Strip® all-purpose liquid stripper is specially formulated to penetrate crevices and detailed surfaces. This pourable liquid formula is best suited for flat and carved surfaces. Removes paint, varnish, shellac and lacquer. Water-rinsable. Not recommended for use on asphalt tile, fiberglass, linoleum, plastic, rubber, and other synthetic materials.

Crown®Handi-Strip® All-Purpose Semi-Paste Stripper

Crown® Handi-Strip® all-purpose semi-paste stripper is the best all-around stripper for home refinishing and restoring projects. This brushable semi-paste formula clings to vertical and irregular surfaces making difficult jobs quick and easy to complete. Effectively removes even the toughest, multiple-layer finishes such as latex and oil-based paints, varnish, shellac and lacquers. Water-rinsable. Not recommended for use on asphalt tile, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, and other synthetic materials.

Crown® Solu-Strip® Semi-Paste Adhesive Remover

Crown® Solu-Strip® semi-paste adhesive remover provides fast-acting results in the removal of most mastic, contact cement, floor covering and construction adhesives from wood, metal and masonry. This semi-paste formula clings to surfaces and quickly softens tough adhesive residues for easy removal.


Crown® Tuff-Strip® Heavy-Duty Sprayable Stripper

Crown® Tuff-Strip Aerosol combines our ultimate-strength paint stripper with the convenience of a sprayable product. With its special extra-strength formula, it quickly and easily cuts through multiple-layers of finishes such as latex and oil-based paints, varnishes, polyurethane and epoxy. Excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Crown®Tuff-Strip® Heavy-Duty Semi-Paste Stripper

Crown® Tuff-Strip® heavy-duty semi-paste stripper is excellent for professional applications and home refinishing projects. The semi-paste formula is best suited for vertical and irregular surfaces because it holds with minimal running or dripping. Crown® Tuff-Strip® powerfully cuts through multiple layers of paint and other hard finishes to help minimize both your scraping and project times. Not recommended for use on asphalt tile, fiberglass, linoleum, plastic, rubber, and/or synthetic materials.